Friday, August 28, 2009

Things I Want

You can add to the list a solar-powered hybrid robotic lawn mower. How cool is this? Apparently it's in the neighborhood of $3,000 worth of cool... and damn, not sure that's going to fly right now, but I have to tell you... it sure is tempting. The funny part is that I actually enjoy mowing the lawn, we just happen to have a broken lawn mower right now and a heckuva lot of grass to tend to, so we're without a great solution, and then comes along the internet to tempt me with robotic solutions.

Wind! Huh... good god, what is it good for?

Quite a bit in the right circumstances. There was a very nicely put together piece on wind energy on NPR yesterday as I drove home. This morning I tracked it down on Follow the link to either read or listen to the story. One piece that was encouraging given what I find myself doing these days was to hear an expert say that residential solar is really the best solution on the market right now for homeowners or businesses with a small need for electric generation. Wind is such promising technology, and it was fascinating to get All Things Considered's perspective on where the wind industry stands.

WashPo Poll Shows Americans like Obama Energy Policy

We want cap and trade (subscription required - but only a free one), say 52% of Americans... probably if they worded it something like, "would you support a system where companies that pollute beyond certain reasonable thresholds are required to make contributions to a system that invests in renewable energy projects" that 52% might grow. Anyway, this is awesome. Thank you Washington Post, and thank you America for being friggin awesome. Now, Congress, are you listening!?!?!? Seriously! Let's get this cap & trade done, already.