Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gross Random Distraction-of-the-Day

Honestly, who made this political ad, and how did they get it approved to go on air. Amazing, really truly amazing.

Al Franken's race may have to take a back seat to my new favorite non-Presidential race!

McCain Transition Chief Aided Saddam In Lobbying Effort

That at least is the gist of a new article up on Huffington Post. I'd need to know way more before forming any intelligent opinion on this,-- especially considering the source-- but if it's true, it's surely embarrassing for team McCain. This is the exact opposite of what they need now.

Politics is fun and all, but...

Nothing can beat October baseball played out like the Phillies did against the Dodgers last night. The game had all sorts of ups and downs, but it ended with classic October fireworks provided by the most unlikely of villains, the small, talkative, speedy and friendly Shane Victorino and Matt Stairs, a free agent the Phillies picked up out of the Toronto Blue Jay's discard bin for the purpose of providing a lefty home-run hitting bat.

It was one hell of a game, and if you are interested in reading more, I highly recommend Phil Sheridan's write-up of why Victorino is such an unlikely villain and Jayson Stark's rundown that references my hometown in the 'burbs of Philly:
Yeah, Stairs hit it, all right. He hit it so high and so far to deep right field that at first, said Howard, "I thought it was going to leave the park and hit the roof." Instead, it "only" came down two-thirds of the way up the right-field pavilion -- a mammoth blast in this park. And as that baseball finally settled into those far-away seats, folks from Chavez Ravine to Cheltenham needed a moment -- or maybe an eternity -- to make sense of what they'd all just witnessed.
That's right, Cheltenham, PA is a wonderful little suburb right outside Philly, a place that I'm sure 98% of people who read this write-up of the game do not know. It's also where my family lived starting back in 1982, and the town my mother still calls home! Why Stark chose Cheltenham to shout out... I'm not sure, but thanks to Matt for pointing this out, and thanks to Stark for the love. The 'ham appreciates it!

Thoughts on Momentum

Last Friday a big piece of news dropped as the evening skies darkened here on the week leading into Columbus Day weekend. Up in Alaska the commission investigating whether Sarah Palin acted improperly in the firing of a public official wrapped and they released a report showing (big surprise) Palin did, in fact, act improperly.

Over the weekend Philadelphia Flyers fans booed Palin (see video above) as she dropped the first puck at a hockey game. On Monday, John McCain tried to restart his campaign with a whole new stump speech, and here on Tuesday morning it seems like in the face of all these potentially at least somewhat interesting news pieces the big story is that the numbers (check out the cool interactive graph developed by the geniuses at Pollster.com below) show a trend that is solidifying and increasingly undeniable.

So even as things continue to seem strange out in some crazy little parts of America, as we see idiots with monkey dolls who think they're funny (damn it, that happened in the friggin state where I was born! $%*&%$ing ^*&#k s#$*&#t!!!!), and even further into the crazy where fanatical fans dress like their political obsessions...

...in many parts of America I guess I get the sense that something is settling in, the simple clear idea that Change is a must, and that the choice if you want change and real leadership is fairly straightforward.

Will the McCain campaign continue to implode this week? Will the right continue to turn on him and his campaign? Who knows? But the picture will certainly continue to develop, and I for one am glad that some of the scary angry dangerous tone that was present towards the end of last week seems perhaps to be dying back a bit.

I, for one, at least hope that last part is true.

Proud to be a Philadelphian, where at least I know I'm FREE... or something like that.

David Broder of the Washington Post wanders around Upper Dublin, not far from where I grew up (their high school played mine in sports) and interviews suburban Philadelphia folk about their feelings regarding the election.