Monday, November 15, 2010

A new start, Reviving the blog, Figuring out what's next!

It's been quite awhile since 'The Best Way..." has been particularly active. Having been thrust into a semi-involuntary job hunt as of Friday, I'll be posting... something... on a more regular basis again. Before I was let go from my job on Friday, I started my day listening to what turned out to be an immensely appropriate soundtrack for the day, so without further adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen the soulful and stupendous Lauryn Hill:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Add this to the list of exciting blogs

It's been longer than I care to remember since I posted anything here. The whole family and career thing keeps getting in the way. But in the mean time I thought I would let everyone know about an interesting blog I've been occasionally browsing. It's the product of several professional philosophers of religion and contains wide ranging and often insightful posts. Check it out!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Ok ok ok ok ok

So, I haven't posted in ages. Not sure who visits The Best Way anymore, but if you do here's a little something that might be fun: you can follow me on Twitter! I have had a hard time blogging of late, but perhaps I'll get back into it. In the meantime I have been microblogging aka Tweeting. It may not be quite as awesome as the blog once was back in those glory days of the Obama campaign... but it's something!

You can find my little tweets here:

And I'll try to blog a bit more in 2010... I can't say that's necessarily my new years resolution or anything, but I'll try :)