Monday, January 19, 2009

Liveblogging the Inaugural Bonanza!

Ok... so I'm not sure if anybody who used to normally read the blog even bothers anymore, given that I've been neglecting it so, but I'm hoping to pick things back up a bit here and I'll start by blogging along tomorrow as I watch Barack Obama sworn in live on CNN. I think the swearing in starts at 11:30, with Obama's inaugural address to follow. I'm lucky enough to have no appointments for work so I'll be able to spend my day working away on some follow-up and paperwork and then take time off around 11:30 to bask in the excitement of tomorrow's events. I hope you are as lucky, and if you're near a computer when you do so, feel free to join me!

A celebration of the day, and the day to come tomorrow

The BBC unearthed a clip you can see here where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is asked (in 1964) about the possibility that America could elect an African American president within 40 years, something Robert Kennedy predicted might happen at the time. Dr. King suggested that not only were there black men who were qualified at the time, but that he could imagine scenarios in which this might happen as soon as within the next 25 years (or by 1989). While we didn't quite live up to Dr. King's hopeful time-line, it is wonderful to think about tomorrow in the context of celebrating Dr. King's life today.

I don't know how you all are feeling, but I'm excited about the prospect of feeling hopeful and inspired by my President. Even now, with the change of power only a day away, it still can't come soon enough.

God bless America.

I wish I was down in DC to celebrate!