Thursday, October 04, 2012

Great Podcast - Thanks Radiolab

So yesterday on my drive home I was listening to Radiolab, one of my favorite podcasts.  The show I was listening to, I'm sure, was pretty old because I haven't really refreshed the content on my iPod in awhile, but it was a short where they highlighted a podcast THEY (the hosts of the show) love called 99% Invisible.  They played 3 clips from 99% Invisible and they chatted with the creator/host of that show - it was a lot of fun.  The whole concept has to do with trying to highlight and ferret out pieces of the world that are commonly seen but unnoticed - they call it a podcast about design.  One of the clips featured a guy who collects statistics all year and compiles an annual report on himself that he publishes online.  In 2010, the guy's father passes away, and he dedicates the annual report (or a section of it, maybe) to statistics about his dad.  They highlight one where he lists having recovered X number of photographs of his father while inventorying his belongings, 18% of the photos showed his father wearing a necktie.  It was a fascinating listen.  If you don't already love Radio Lab, it's an insanely good podcast about science and the world - I highly recommend checking out shows on colors, guts and well... whatever else you see, they do a great job.

That's all for now... OH WAIT!  If you want to hear the actual Radio Lab episode I'm talking about, you can find it here (or through iTunes, etc.)