Friday, October 13, 2006

Any plans for your weekend??

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I know that at this point it looks like I'll be volunteering with Habitat on Saturday morning, possibly fending for myself plans-wise Saturday night because Lyndsey will be attending her neice's girls-night/slumber 7th Birthday-party... that's a mouthful right?

Perhaps I'll go visit an antiques store or a thrift shop and search out odd objects like animal relics.

What about you? What will you be doing this weekend. I hope you'll be having fun, and perhaps we can all play some games... I've got a good weekend game idea... I call it, "Guess the next scandal to hit the Republican party." Any ideas???? If so, drop me a comment.

My guess as to the next scandal is this: Dick Cheny is, in fact, a robot. The scandal will break when some water spashes on him and he short-circuits, starts shooting innocent civilians with some sort of lazer beam (or perhaps with bird shot... just for old-times sake). Anyway, that's just an idea... I didn't really think about it very much or anything, so if you've got a better idea or story... like I said, post away, and have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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