Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Change is good

Hey man, there's this growing consensus that green think is the new cool, that environmentalists no longer have to be crazy hitch-hiking granola-eating hippies. They can be random skater kids, or grandmas, or anybody who just plain cares about the future.

In that spirit, a site that's been on the sidebar to the left is one I visit each and every day. I recommend doing so, as they have interesting articles all the time. Today, put up their list of things they couldn't cover but thought were cool for April. I recommend browsing because there's bound to be something there that catches your fancy.

I also recommend (as a regular read) Grist.

Since I'm recommending stuff, I also recommend Arcade Fire's new album Neon Bible, Nortec Collective (in honor of Cinco de Mayo!), and Sunset Rubdown. These last two things are both bands... and if you click on the link to Sunset Rubdown, check out their goofy little dorky picture, it's great and makes me smile.

Happy Wed nes day. Change is good.

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Matthew said...

Yes! I've been wondering about Arcade Fire but was worried I'm 10+ years too old to buy it.