Friday, May 11, 2007

Still Amazing

Incredible... I can't believe I still haven't seen this movie!

If you have, drop me a comment. Except yesterday's birthday boy, I already talked to you about it... and I know what you think, and you're probably deeply saddened that I still haven't seen the movie.


Songs of the week: Song title (artist)
  1. Heavy Metal Drummer (Wilco) because it's almost summer, and some Wilco songs just say SUMMER to me
  2. In Green (Volcano, I'm Still Excited!) because this band's name makes me think of the classic film Joe Versus the Volcano... wait, did I just call that movie a classic... crap, where's the backspace key???
  3. Condoleezza, Check My Posse (The Majestic Twelve) It's just a funny song. Watch out future mix CD, this song has your name on it
  4. The Passenger (Iggy Pop) Cause I said so.
  5. Take the Fifth (Spoon) in honor of Monica Goodling

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