Thursday, May 03, 2007

This makes me sick

The president is advocating hate. The right wing will lie up a storm, and will make it look like vetoing or threatening to veto the Hate Crimes bill working its way through congress is something else, but it's not.

Here's a link to some vanilla news coverage of the state of Hate Crimes legislation.

It makes me sick to think that the bastards fighting against adding protections to existing Hate Crimes law are having their way. I want to say more, but I just can't figure out how to put it down in writing. This post might get longer later, but for now, feel free, like me to write some emails to various reps on this one. If folks have thoughts, comments are welcome.

>>UPDATE: Hate Crimes Legislation Passes House, along the way Dems make some incredible speeches about the importance of this legislation and the message sent by those who oppose it. I'm proud to call myself a Democrat today (even though there are many days that I'm not sure I really fit in the donkey party). Check out a handful of pretty impressive speeches here.

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