Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Busy Couple Weeks

Landen Up Close BW
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Wow it's been a busy couple weeks. Memorial Day weekend Lyndsey and I went up to NH for Matt and Mieko's wedding. It was a good trip, lots of fun, great to meet her family, and fun to meet one of Matt's close friends from teaching in Japan (who happens to also live in Asheville). Being out in the woods of NH for a weekend was also nice. His parents have a beautiful home, and as a bonus we got to meet Matt's new niece!

It was really a trip. The next weekend I followed up on that by hopping in the car with Matt and driving out to Geneva for our 5th college reunion. We stayed with Heidi and Landen (who you see above) and had good fun catching up with a number of folks we haven't seen or heard from in years.

A couple days after returning from Geneva, I headed up to Boston for work, and while I was there for three days and two nights I ran into a friend from HWS who I had not really gotten much of a chance to catch up with at reunion. Literally I drove past him on the street one morning, and then ran into him that evening, learning that he lived about 3 blocks from my boss! All in all, it's been a travel intensive period, but it's also been good fun. I've taken lots of pictures, many of which I intend to Photoshop and post... and I'm starting along that line by posting the above macro picture of Landen. I took a bunch of pictures while we were hanging out with him and Heidi, but I think this one is far and away my favorite. I snapped it in an instant really quickly and somewhat randomly, but I'm so pleased with how crisp it is.

More soon, and hopefully a slight increase in the amount of sanity!

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