Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Griffey returns to the sounds of Journey's, "Open Arms"

Leave it to baseball to knock me out of my political blogging rut here. It's been a week with lots of political crap to blather about. Wait, that's every week, right? Anyway, not everyday do you catch up with this kind of story:

A Welcome Sight, Griffey Returns to Seattle

If you grew up in the 90's loving baseball like I did, well, then you need to read it. If not, you will likely still enjoy it. Regardless, here's a little preview:

"There's a wonderful "Seinfeld" bit in which Jerry says that because players change teams so often, fans find themselves rooting for the uniform and not the athlete. "When you root for a team these days," he says, "you're mostly rooting for laundry." This is almost always the case. But Seattle fans were most definitely not rooting for laundry over the weekend. They were rooting for the player."


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