Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fox Noise Gets Sued

So a school administrator in Maine is suing Fox News Channel because they repeated on air as fact news that was completely false. Apparently their source was a site not unlike the Onion. The site is called Associated Content. If you want detail on this, you can check the article here.

The sad thing about this is that after Fox tossed this piece into their echo chamber the result was that wingnuts from all over creation started calling the school, the administrator's home, sending hate mail, etc. Great move nutjobs.

Thanks for being what sucks about America.

Sure, some might say it's great that nutters can be entitled to act as nutty as they like without interference or any recourse. In this case, it looks like the drum leader of the nut parade might just pay a price for kicking off the festivities. Good deal. Happy 4th of July folks! Let freedom ring.

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