Monday, July 30, 2007

Greatness for the Summerness

Who doesn't like the right soundtrack to go with their sunnyhappysummermonths? I sure do! That's why it's with great glee that I write today to make mention of a super-hot summertime album I've located. The disc (or download for all ye itunes hipsters) is Return to the Sea by Islands. It was released awhile back and I ignored it, even though Pitchfork really liked it. I came across it recently on somebody's best of all best great summer music lists, and I decided to check it out! Now, I will momentarily get a little more descriptive, but perhaps it will suffice to endorse it by sharing my favorite song title from the album, "Don't call me Whitney, Bobby." (Link is to superfun bizarro video)

Come on... who names their song, "Don't call me Whitney, Bobby"!?!?!!?!?!?! Geniuses, that's who! Anyway, it's upbeat stuff that is riddled with complex layered fun sonic landscapes, and it's just plain enjoyable. It makes me feel like I'm driving my car to some bizarre European beach. So you should check it out and buy 6 copies to give to all your beach bum buddies. Right. Sure. Okay. Happy Monday. Clearly I'm in a weird mood this week.

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