Monday, July 16, 2007

A Weekend of Random Photography

Originally uploaded by Chambo25.

So, it was a pretty lazy weekend here in CT. Lyndsey and I stayed put @ home (no travels out of state until Chicago on Thursday) and hence there was good time to make use of the new camera, and use I did make!

Saturday morning we met up with a friend for breakfast and then Adam and I chatted on the phone. While we were chatting Lyndsey went for a walk and since the ladies weren't back by the time I got off the phone I wandered in the nearby neighborhood snapping pictures of random garden gnomes, comic book shops, etc. This picture is one of my favorites in awhile. I like the way that Batman peeks through the U of USED. I've been meaning to photoblog a bit more for months now, and I've come out of the weekend with literally hundreds of images to upload, so consider this image a warning shot!

There's more to come, get ready to catch it or duck and cover.

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