Friday, August 03, 2007

Strange Group

Yard Sale 06
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Last weekend I was home in Philly to visit my Aunt who's in the hospital. While I was down, I helped my mom take a bunch of stuff to a yard sale and hung around for a couple hours, taking random pictures here or there. These guys where hanging out in the 10 cent bin or quarter bin or something like that. I thought they made for a pretty awesome little group shot, and a fine question:

Who will be snapped up first? The Squishy Monkey? Crang, the evil brain? The really creepy cadaver from X-files? Or the Gordon's fisherman candle who looks to have gotten pretty beaten up on his way to the sale. Honestly, I doubt any of these guys are going to fly out of the bargain bin anytime soon, but they do make for a nice Friday visitor.

Have a great weekend!

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