Thursday, October 11, 2007


bright red leaves 01, originally uploaded by Chambo25.

The last few days have been an abrupt change from the weather we had in CT this weekend. Admittedly, the weekend was bizarre, with temps supposedly into the 90's, but still, we've swooped down into the 60's now with days full of gray skies, intermittent rain, and a general feel of autumn curling its fingers in closer around us.

While walking in the woods this weekend I took a few pictures of leaves, and above is one that includes some amazingly brilliant red leaves. The color on some is almost unbelievably bright. Finding these sorts of colors is one of my favorite fall activities. Since cranking up my photo obsession a bit in the past couple years, I've started paying much closer attention to places where leaves catch light and become illuminated films of color. They're like the gels you see on stage lights when you go to a theater or concert... and one thing that makes for great fun in photos is that they're so often surrounded by other leaves capturing light in completely different ways.

Perhaps this is a boring topic for most, but I like this picture a lot, and I've got a few more like it that I'll be uploading soon.

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