Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Activities

So... last weekend I was out in the woods of Pennsylvania and this weekend I'm headed north to Boston to visit a Sci-Fi convention with two great friends of mine from growing up. I'm imagining it should be pretty fun, and I'm hoping it will end up somewhat hilarious. Bottom line, however, is that I am really anticipating capturing some good photos this weekend.

Meanwhile, the above is one of my favorites from last weekend, out in the woods. We had hiked around a good bit and Bill noticed that his water bottle had frozen a bit. Soon after we all stopped and realized many of our bottles had frozen. While Sarah was holding his bottle up in the air, I thought the sunlight coming through the wavy patterns in the ice was quite remarkable, and captured this photo. There's a minimal amount of photoshop manipulation on this one. The color and look of the ice was pretty unbelievable.

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