Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Art, Art and (art)Work

So... today, for me, is all about Art, Art, and (art)Work.

I've started off my day listening to some Art Blakey, great of Jazz drumming, contemporary and collaborator with Monk, Coletrane, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, and so so so many others. What a soundtrack for my caffeinated morning! Mmmm mmm mmm mmm. Honestly, I should do this every day. I can't recall if I've made much of anything in the way of Jazz music recommendations here, but if I haven't Art is it. Man oh man. I'm completely lacking any sort of descriptiveness here when I try to say how good it is. It just is.

Perhaps as I shift into afternoon I'll go for more Monk. We'll see.

So Art #2 involves my plans for this evening. I'm excitedly hopping a train into NYC this afternoon to check out my friend Liz's work in a show at Parsons, the New School for Design. I'm excited about this outing for a number of reasons. On a basic level I'm excited because I need to make more outings like this one. I'm excited to see some interesting art, to get into the city, and most of all I'm excited for Liz.

So, now you've gotten through the most exciting art of my day. The last art is also very exciting in its own way. Today I'm working on designing some images for this healthcare-related project we're doing at work. Basically I'm taking concepts and trying to sketch them out into icons. We'll see how it goes, but I'm pretty happy to be doing that as work!

...and now I should get back to it!

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Raphe said...

this sounds like the ultimate day and all in sun too; would like to see the NY art. all the art