Friday, February 22, 2008

Xerox Will Be Okay

Fascinating debate on the Democratic side last night, largely because it was kinda different than I expected, really. Perhaps fascinating is an overstatement unless you're a pundit who gets paid to act like these things are incredible every time around. Anyway, what caught me was the fact that Hillary goes after Barack on the plagiarism "issue," which I'll put in quotes because I think it's complete crap to even go along with the game that pretends it was an issue to begin with. But anyway, I digress, interesting that the xerox line was followed by a closing where Hillary completely cribbed John Edwards' line about how the candidates will be okay once this is all over, but how he worries about whether America will come out okay in the end. Interesting interesting interesting.




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Stamford Talk said...

I didn't watch the debate but just watched a clip... I'm struck by how much more presidential Obama sounds. Hillary is a pretty good speaker herself; I'm often surprised when she says some very clever off-the-cuff remarks.