Monday, March 10, 2008

A Nice Note to Start the Week

My buddy Matt turned me on to Andrew Sullivan's blog and I've been checking in with it for a few weeks now... and enjoying the fascinating mixture of insights he brings to bear (check his bio ). In one of the best pieces of primary writing I've seen lately he makes the case below for Obama supporters taking a deep breath, taking stock, and waking up to the fact that our candidate is in the lead, no matter what the Clintons might say. In essence, he suggests that now is a time when Obama is in exactly the position we all have hoped he would be in, one from which he has the opportunity to rise and really make his case for closing this thing out. I am positive that doing so will not be easy or simple, but read Mr. Sullivan's remarks and let me know if you find them, as I did, a nice way to kick off a new week.

As the Smoke Clears

- John

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