Friday, April 18, 2008

Beginning to See the Light

Well, like many people with brains in their heads, I was annoyed with this week's debate, and I fumed a bit yesterday as I read accounts of the moderators taking queues from Sean Hannity. I fumed a bit more today as I read details of how Nash McCabe (parodied wonderfully on yesterday's Daily Show) was not a randomly chosen PA voter, but in fact someone interviewed by the NY Times last week about the fact that she couldn't vote for Obama because he didn't wear a flag pin. Still, yesterday evening and this morning I found three wonderful reasons to look past the fuming to something more.

  1. I saw posts about Obama's reaction to the whole thing, and how it has included adopting Jay-Z's brush the dirt off your shoulders move. I may just be a dork, but this strikes me as hilarious and incredibly cool. They're coming after you in ridiculous ways so what do you do? Shrug, brush the dirt off ya shoulders, and keep moving on. He won't be derailed, or distracted.
  2. Distractions brings me to the second item, last night's Colbert Report. I hope a zillion other people saw it, because Colbert had an amazing night last night. Guests on his show included both Clinton, Obama and John Edwards, who delivered the "EdWORDs" in place of Steven Colbert's nightly "the Word" commentary. It was an action packed half hour, and I'm sure there are some good clips either up or going up on Comedy Central's website as we speak.
  3. Finally, I discovered this morning, via Andrew Sullivan's blog, that my favorite election commentators of the season, the guys who brought you the "Be Brave America" You Tube video in response to the 3a.m. ad, have returned. Their latest video is below. Enjoy!

... one final note: the title of this post also happens to be the title of an amazing song by the Velvet Underground. If you're not familiar with it, you should check it out!

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Venice said...

Actually, I think Obama's camp has done a good job responding to the non-sense. There was an article in the WSJ going after Obama for *gasp* answering questions about taxes evasively, which essentially means that even less-than-favorable sources like that have given up on the more ridiculous questions. At this point, anything other than a crushing defeat is a victory, at least in terms of the primary!