Thursday, April 10, 2008


Gas, originally uploaded by Chambo25.

More pictures are up in my folder documenting last month's trip to DC. This is one I took very randomly and now love quite a bit. The color of the whole thing is much nicer that I would have necessarily from the bright yellow of the cap mixd with the rust colors around it to the specks of stone in the sidewalk pavement. Beyodn that there are more fun places for the eye to linger... on the fascinating finger print that adorns the top of the screw to the right end of the cap... on the concrete that surrounds this screw (does the cap not come off ever?)

Anyway, it's random and I like it... hope you do too! Meanwhile, I'm into the second day's worth of pictures to explore with many more still to post. I edited bunches last night, and continue to plow through systematically. I'm hoping to stick with this and make my DC trip the first of recent times where I've actually edited and uploaded all the pictures I like.

Busy busy busy week... but beautiful outside!

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Lambira said...

very cool photo. looks a bit like pac-man. :-)