Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More from DC

Central Safe, originally uploaded by Chambo25.

I've got a ton, a TON of pictures still to edit from my DC wanderings but I'm making progress. 40some are up on Flickr already in a slideshow, and this is one of my favorites to date. There's something about the combination of sign falling apart and "safe" that makes me smile. I snapped 5 or so shots to get soem different angles on the e-n peeling out off the sign.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day in Connecticut. I've had an avalanche week of work where tasks, to-dos, requests, phone calls and all sorts of other bizarre stuff just keep tumbling in, but I've got dinner plans with friends and I'll see my brother and his wife on Friday! YEAH! Also, there's a new 3am add from Hillary that I think is kinda Hillarious... perhaps I'll toss it up here later.

All in all, life is good!

Hope folks out there are feeling the goodness wherever you are and whatever you're up to!

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