Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pictures Popping up in Other Places!

I just discovered a photo I took in DC has shown up over at Purple State (a political blog offering "notes from beyond the red/blue state divide) and in the midst of a very interesting entry, no less! I'm really pleased by this, and thought I would just make note of the article. Ahh... internets, how cool are you, you crafty crafty tubes.

Democrats tied in PA (and why that's bad for Obama)

The article offers a fascinating discussion of how the Clinton camp has managed expectations so that disappointing outcomes in previous primaries end up looking like victories or comebacks for Hillary. In all honesty, I think what they describe is spot on, and perhaps more a good place for the Obama camp to focus moving forward, ie: an opportunity more than it's a problem really.

Now, since I'm already blogging about delightful things appearing on Purple State's blog, I might as well toss in this video they put up yesterday:


Venice said...

I think you can take that as a pretty sincere form of flattery.

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