Monday, April 21, 2008

Start to a New Week

Globe Lights Blue Sky, originally uploaded by Chambo25.

This should be an interesting week out there in the world, and especially in American presidential politics.

I, like many people out there, am hoping that this will be the week Democrats begin to coalesce around their presumptive nominee. I also acknowledge this may be wishful thinking. I'm hoping my home state will play a dynamic and cool role in helping the Dems start acting decisive.

Meanwhile, I don't know how much this was true anywhere else, but it was a lovely weekend in Connecticut. I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon outside playing softball, and enjoying the sunshine. Today it seems like it's just as wonderful out in the outdoors. I'm hoping to take a lunchtime walk and pull in some fresh air. I capped my weekend by watching the Phillies eek out a win against the Mets to prevent a sweep in their weekend series.

Beyond the primaries, baseball, and the weather, there's a whole world of other cool stuff going on... so stay tuned.

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Manager Mom said...

I, of course, spent the first lovely Connecticut weekend more than three thousand miles away in London, where it was decidedly rainy.

But I came back to the trees in bloom and the sense of things about to happen.