Friday, May 30, 2008

My Ears (and Eyes) are Bleeding

John likes to post videos here, and what better thing to post than the first YouTube clip in a couple of months that made me literally sit stupefied with my mouth open, incredulous that somebody thought this video was a good way of getting people to vote for your favorite candidate.

And what, might you ask, was the last thing that left me agape in cartoon-style shock? The last video that the same guy made.

Note: Please don't watch all of either of these videos as the combined insanity may make your head asplode.


John said...


I wanted to post this, but resisted because I wasn't sure I wanted to inflict the stupification on anyone else. I also was so brain-dead by the end that i couldn't conceive of anything to write about it. I saw this comment on the site Wonkette referenced in their post of the vid, and I think they capture my reaction pretty well:

"Jumpin’ Joseph and Mary on a motorcyle with itty-bitty baby Jesus in a sidecar, that’s bad! It’s not just bad: It’s the Platonic Ideal of bad. It’s Up with People storms It’s a Small World bad. It’s so bad it makes me want species-reassignment surgery. I could go on, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll go apply extra-strength Drano to my eyeballs and get on with my day."

The above comment was posted on by Betty Cracker

Corinne said...

wow. i can't believe i just watched that. i'm holding a grudge for that post.

John said...

This post is absolutely and completely grudge-worthy.

Corinne said...

i found myself humming a song earlier today... and i thought "what song is that??" MAKE IT STOP!!!

Matt said...

It was in my head for two days after I posted this. I apologize to all, but you can perhaps have the solace of knowing that I spent my whole weekend gardening with this song in my head. We're just lucky I didn't end up pounding all the plants into the ground.