Friday, May 16, 2008

Remember When?

For whatever reason I'm having a way back evening. I just found out that Weezer is releasing a new album this summer... that had me thinking back to high school days listening to Buddy Holly, Surf Wax America and other fine tunes off their first album. Then for whatever reason I ended up going back and watching Jon Stewart on Crossfire from 2004, and WOW, I've got to say, that clip really doesn't get old.

Take your pick, honestly... I'm not sure what piece I love more. Is it when Jon Stewart mocksTucker Carlson's bow ties? When he tells him he's as much of a dick on his show as he is on any show? I thought this was one of the most brave, inspiring and remarkable moments in television back when it happened, and it still is damn cool today.

Anyway, heading into the weekend, if you're fishing around for other interesting stuff to read or check out, I found this:

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