Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Aftermath

Looking for a distraction now that the Democratic Primaries are over? I know I'm a little at a loss for what to post about these days, and you can go any number of directions with that. Visiting Andrew Sullivan over at the Atlantic today I found two, One being a deep breath and a visit to some lighter fair, like the ReelGeezers, whose review of the Superbad is below (I just rewatched Superbad last week!).

Another direction one can go is into the deeper issues of the day. I already tossed up a quick post earlier about the SCOTUS' big decision on habeas corpus, but here's another fascinating post over at Sullivan's blog with some nice back and forth around the question of whether "Empire" is the right metaphor for understanding America's presence in Iraq. Either way you want to go, nice to know there's still lots of fun distractions out there in the world.

Oh, and here's one more, check out Purple State's post about (among other things) a Canadian school child's awesome science fair project that looked into a bacterial solution to decomposing plastics. If you don't know why this is an issue, check out a film on plastic in the oceans.

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