Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden Time

Well, turns out it was Biden after all. My first, pre-coffee reaction is one of relief: given all the ballyho about "the pick" I was beginning to worry that it might be someone else. The reaction to Biden's Veephood and Obama's handling of the announcement is uniformly positive. Maybe this will help the jitters among Democratic circles that Obama's campaing is on the wrong track.

I'm pretty pleased with the Pick, since I am a Biden guy from way back. It says a great deal about Obama's judgement that he went with someone like Biden and not a flashier, demographic-pleasing pick, like Kaine, Strickland or Clinton Herself. This gives credence to the idea that Obama will make up for his relative unfamiliarity with statecraft by surrounding himself with the best and brightest. Of course, Bush did the same thing on paper and look how that turned out. I suspect, though, that Obama is a good bit quicker than our Texan friend. All in all, this move will help Obama in the crucial me demographic.


John said...

Dude, I'm about to hit the road to Baltimore for the weekend, but I saw the news this morning before leaving, and then I read your post. First, I love the mention of the crucial you demographic. It is pretty key to victory. I think I heard Chris Matthews yammering on about it on Hardball last night.

Also, I too am pleased. I think this choice seems to bring balance and interesting strength to the ticket. I also was pondering yesterday how little negative reaction I had read to the idea of adding Biden to the ticket, which I found to be a good indication. The biggest gripes I heard were about not bringing home a state they're worried about, and being a bit hot headed. With either one, they seem like no big deal. Anyway, this seems like good news. More reaction next week!

Venice said...

Enjoy Baltimore! Let me know when you get back as I am thinking it would be fun to get together sometime in the less than distant future.