Monday, August 11, 2008

John's August Top 50 (pt. 3: 30-21)

30. Magic Trick (M. Ward)
M. Ward's music fits nicely in the pantheon of folk rock singer songwriters, offering lyrical complexity, good and growing production sensibilities, etc. This song is nicely accessible and straightforward with the central concept that the woman he sings about has "one magic trick, just one magic trick, she disappears." I find it breezy, fun , summer-appropriate and smile-inducing.

29. Duck Down! (The Roots)

28. Dwarf Star Party (The Majesticons)
I wanted to check this album out about 5 years ago when it came out, but then quickly forgot about it. Recently I re-discovered it via Emusic, and have enjoyed the handful of tracks I downloaded. This one, specifically is about UFOs among other things. Alien Rap? Sweet.

27. The Passenger (Iggy Pop)
Nice duo here with Iggy and Robert Forster. The Iggy track is one of my favorites, just a good feeling all time classic if you ask me. Great for cruising around town, great for well... fuck it, anything. Let's be honest. The Robert Forster track is new but sounds like it could easily be a familiar track you first heard decades ago on the radio while cruising around in the car with your dad.

26. It Ain't Easy (Robert Forster)

25. Kelen ati leen (Orchestra Baobab)
This song is infectious. If you check it out, I recommend turning it on, turning it up, and getting ready to do some stupid dance you'd feel self-conscious about if you were in a public place. Seriously, Orchestra Baobab is enjoyable in general, but this track is SO sweet. It's been in heavy rotation for me since January!!!

24. The Denial Twist (The White Stripes)

23. Flames Go Higher (Eagles of Death Metal)

22. Holland, 1945 (Neutral Milk Hotel)

21. Walk it Off (the Breeders)
Return to form? Ok. I'll say it. Nice track.

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