Thursday, August 14, 2008

John's August Top 50 (pt. 5: 10-6)

10. Generator (Bad Religion)
I always admired Bad Religion back when I was big into punk music, and with my recent re-acquisition of some amount of punk music this track is a huge standout. I used to love and listen to this track a lot, and now I've been doing it again. Their ideals are present in the lyrics, but the drive of the beat itself is undeniable. Good sh*t!

9. Encore (DJ Danger Mouse feat. Jay-Z and the Beatles)
After a few years of hearing all about Danger Mouse's opus, the Grey Album (a remix of Jay-Z's the Black Album and the Beatles' the White Album) I finally got a chance to give it a listen this spring. This track is my standout. I've had it in constant rotation ever since I first flipped my way through the album. The production and mixing here is great.

8. Dear Sergio (Catch 22)
Another story of recovering old favorites, I used to listen to Catch 22 in college (I think my friend Kate introduced me to them... hmm... maybe). Anyway, I recently realized I had lost track of their stuff so I picked up a copy of Keasbey Nights. This and the title track are both very very enjoyable.

7. All You Ever Wanted (the Black Keys)
In a post earlier in the week I mentioned that the Black Keys have a consistently enjoyable and solid sound. This track, off their latest release, Attack and Release, demonstrates just that. The sound is vintage Black Keys and yet the production values are dark and thick, more robust than they often employ. It's clear from listening to this track and others why reviewers often lump the Keys in with venerable company such as the White Stripes.

6. Franco Un-American (NoFX)
More more more from the John Punk Revival! Yeah, NoFX is such an enjoyable group. I recently saw a few episodes of a show on FUSE tv about NoFX touring, and it was quality TV! They were going to play in Argentina, I believe, and when they showed up it turned out that their promoter had done nothing to secure permits, etc. but had sold hundreds of tickets to rabid fans who went absolutely batshit crazy when the police showed up to shut down shop on the show. It was interesting to watch the negotiations and mechanics behind the scene. Anyway, this song is fun, quick, and all about the odd reality of having crazy liberal ideas in your head.

heh heh heh... top 5 tomorrow!!!

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