Friday, August 15, 2008

John's August Top 50 (pt. 6: 5-1)

5. Wave of Mutilation (the Pixies)
At the heart of my Pixies/Pavement revival has been my love for Wave of Mutilation this summer. I've been listening to Where is My Mind a lot too, but between being in constant rotation on the ipod and being in the set list on Rock Band WoM has been inescapable over the last few months, and I love it!!

4. Here I Come (The Roots feat. Malik B & Dice Raw)
Hot weather, bright sunshine, hot tracks... this song off their next to latest release, Game Theory, shows the Roots plowing ahead at full steam, knocking down anything in their way. The pace is fast, the rhymes are spit in two-word phrases through most of the song... this is hip-hop raw and done right.

3. Strangers (The Kinks)
Wes Anderson is good, what can I say, and while "This Time Tomorrow" was the first Kinks song that grabbed me off the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack, this one has really stuck with me for the last 6 months. In regular rotation all the time since I first ripped it to my ipod, I still love it.

2. You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told) (The White Stripes)
This song just blazes out of your speakers from start to finish. Face Burning Guitar Solo!!?!?!?! Oh yeah, you'll find one here.

1. Lights Out (Santogold)
So far this is the song of the summer for me. Sure, I may have started seeing it in beer ads, and I don't necessarily feel so original saying it, but it's damn good and I just can't deny that I leave it on every time it pops up.

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