Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Remarkable Woman, Remarkable Speech

I imagine most folks who caught it last night were touched and impressed by Teddy Kennedy's speech at the Democratic convention. He seems to be doing remarkably well for someone who has endured the sort of surgery he recently went through, and he was impressively powerful and clear in his words and presentation. I missed Michelle Obama last night, but I'm watching it this morning, and I'm so pleasantly impressed, but not surprised. She is an incredible person who has achieved remarkable things in her own life, so I think none of us should be surprised she can deliver an incredible speech. If you're up for spending 20 minutes with her, check out the full video below:

From Purple State Blog's Live-blogging of the convention last night:
"I had thought going into tonight that Ted Kennedy's speech would be the one that could bring Democrats together across the Obama-Clinton divide. I was wrong. Michelle Obama proved herself a dynamic, captivating, and fantastic public speaker. I will post the video tomorrow. If you didn't see her speech tonight, watch it."

Another wonderful reaction documented by Saramerica: young girls who aren't interested in politics find Michelle Obama inspiring.

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