Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Round Mound of Obamanation

So there's clearly a good bit of Democratic Convention related stuff a person could be blogging about today, but instead of weighing into the, "Did Hillary do enough?" conversation, or the "Was Mark Warner at all interesting?" conversation or the, "What the hell was Ed Rendell thinking calling Obama Adalai Stevenson?" conversation I'm going to take up the Charles Barkley conversation. "What with the what now," you might say. That's right, former Philadelphia 76ers basketball great Charles Barkley has tended to lean republican throughout his life, but is a big-time supporter of Obama this year, and HuffPo has all the details.

Celebrity endorsements, who cares, right? I agree, but I just thought this was kinda fun, in part because of the very direct way in which the very opinionated Barkley describes what he sees as appealing in Obama, "We're a country of haves and have-nots. America needs a new leader. Someone who can give poor people a chance"

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