Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Governor of Giant Frightening Beasts

Sorry... I've wanted some excuse to post this picture for days, and I finally decided to just post it cause I want to. Sarah Palin appears here, framed by her giant killer snow crab, star of the Discovery Channel show Ice Road Truckers, and leaning against the bear she accidentally killed earlier that day while hunting moose. Since she knows how to dress moose, she simply applied the same skills, creating this festive bear throw in 12 minutes flat.

Seriously, what is going on in this picture. I am, perhaps, somewhere on the extreme end of people who care about animals given that for the last 7 years I've chosen to only eat fish as a way of not condoning via participation the practices of the meat packing industry in America. Still, while I acknowledge my views may be a little far left... isn't this picture just kinda strange and ominous?

Ok... maybe you're thinking it isn't the only strange and ominous thing about the whole possibility that Sarah Palin could soon be either our VP or our President. Anyway, there it is, the picture I just couldn't help posting.

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