Monday, September 22, 2008

Has the world been turning or what?

So... not much going on in the last week, huh? Just the collapse of the western financial markets, the Bush administration's new-found love of communism (and consistent war against anything resembling reasonable oversight, even when dealing with a crisis likely caused at least in part by a lack of competent oversight), Tina Fey kicking ass at the Emmys after kicking ass as Sarah Palin on SNL (pasted below in case you haven't contributed to this being NBC's most watched web video... EVER).

I think there was also some Phillies retaking first place in the NL East from the Mets, some presidential campaigns coming slightly unhinged from reality. Not much, right? Not so very much.

What's ahead? Naps and workouts make for presidential debate prep (guess who's napping and who's working out)!!!

Money quote from the article on debate prep:

"The McCain campaign is having some trouble finding the right person for Gov. Palin's practice sessions. Sen. Joe Lieberman was considered, but dropped for being insufficiently fiery and loquacious to do a good Biden impression."

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Stamford Talk said...

I so did not find that sketch that funny BTW, altho I guess SNL has been so lame recently (I still keep the LeBron James episode on my TiVo bc it was so great) that the sketch is one of the better things.

I myself take a double pronged approached to the long campaign trail of life: napping AND working out.