Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Find Your Lack of Taste in Fashion Disturbing

Gawker had a post last night that made me giggle at first, but then got me thinking... What would have happened if Obama had chosen Hillary as his running mate? Would we be treated to her in a Padme-accidentally-ripped-her-shirt-in-a-sexy-way outfit? How long would it be before we saw a metal bikini on the campaign trail. You made the right choice Barry! Now, somebody go get Joe Biden a Porkins costume!

"I can hold it!"
(Apologies for not photoshopping this with Biden's face... maybe later?)

Finally, as an astute commenter said after reading the Gawker article, this is all funny, but if you follow the parallels of Palin = Tarkin too far you realize that McCain = Vader and the United States is now Alderaan.

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Matt said...

Okay, before anybody else can say it, I totally messed up my Biden character parallel -I just like Porkins. There, I said it.