Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update: Day of Pigs, Fish, Chimps Ogres

Wow... cable news and the McCain Palin Campaign have done it again. This time I'm actually a bit flabbergasted. They went and took what I thought was a outlier oddball reaction to a fairly straightforward quote and churned it right up into a full-blown ridiculous web attack advertisement. In the ad, they accuse Barack Obama of calling Sarah Palin a pig. Really? REALLY!?!?!?!

Wow. This is awesome. And so third grade. "He called Sarah a PIG!!!! Make him sit in the corner!" WOW! Wtf.

Anyway, in brighter news, the cable news cycle that picked this spin up and spun it further and further and further did actually begin to result in an interesting thing: they are calling lies "lies," and the folks who tell them "liars." Now, this may sound pretty basic, but so much of Karl Rove's brand of politics relies on the media acting like lapdogs in this regard. They count on (and are too often right to do so) the fact that media will take an "unbiased" view, shying away from reporting when one political party is telling bald-faced lies about another.

All in all, today's development continue to signal to me and to many that the McCain campaign is truly adrift way far away from anything resembling integrity. Here's a bit of interesting writing on that subject from one-time-McCain-admirer Andrew Sullivan.

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