Monday, November 03, 2008

Video Mess For Thursday... er Monday!

Ok, so many thanks to Venice who yet again picked up the slack in the last two days posting while I lapsed a bit! I greatly appreciate it, my newly employed friend. I hope that your move has gone as well as it has gone swiftly. Meanwhile, it's apparently the week for employment news at The Best Way, because a big piece of my reasons behind not posting over the past couple days was the fact that my own stint of unemployment came to an end on Friday!

We'll aim to keep bringing you high quality content, even if posting becomes more concentrated in the evening and/or weekend hours over the weeks and months to come. That disclaimer said, here's a video intensive update I meant to post last Thursday... then we'll get back to your regularly scheduled semi-relevant and non-stale content:

Last week Tina Fey visited Conan Obrien and hilarity insued. If you missed their conversations, including talk about Tina quizzing her young daughter to see if she can tell her own mother apart from Sarah Palin, then please check it out.

Seriously... perhaps I should just ditch this post. Um... yeah, moving on

Wait! This makes the staleness worthwile! Last week Wonkette posted the following um... just incredible video that illustrates an incredibly strong reason why everyone should vote: the person voting before or after you just might be insane. Seriously folks, have you met someone who says they just don't vote because they can't keep up with it all? Did they seem at least somewhat able to think coherently? Next time this happens, encourage them to vote... because of that one crazy glue sniffer out there whose vote they can cancel out.

In other happenings last week that are insanely important, John McCain went to an Ohio rally expecting to be joined by his buddy Joe the Plumber, but guess who didn't show up? Yup... um... Joe, you know... Joe, the Plumber. Oops.

Oh, and the Phillies WON it ALL!!!!!!!

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