Wednesday, October 03, 2012

So here's an interesting selection of two comments from last night's live blog - I'm wondering if folks have reactions to this question: Do people care about this election - do they care differently than folks seemed to in 2008?  I would say yes, but I'm struggling to wrap my head around why exactly.

>> Vencie: Here's a question: why do you think this election is so different? Last time we were blogging up a storm. and it wasn't just us, each one of the internets was abuzz with political bloggery. You got the sense water coolers across the nation were surrounded by concerned citizens taking a break from their work day to talk about politics. This time no one seems nearly as interested. is it that no one actually believes Romney has a chance?

>>Matt: Oh my Venice, you clearly don't live in the South, where this election is considered to be of prime importance and Romney definitely seems to have a chance. But there is definitely a more invigorated base behind the challenger this year, at least in Alabama.

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