Friday, May 04, 2007

Damn you RSS!

Couldn't Resist:

Hasselhoff is "back on his game," so don't worry about that crazy crazy video. or this one. or this one.

Kinda sad, really, but then it's Hasselhoff. He'll be okay, the Germans will still love everything he does, and the world will keep spinning.

By the way, did anybody else hear that in the GOP debate last night George W. Bush was mentioned only once by the candidates? I'd like to know who was responsible for the name drop, but apparently he was only referred to by name exactly once by a candidate in the course of the whole 90 minute debate. Craziness. (Gracias AmericaBlog)

>> UPDATE: it was Sen. Sam Brownback in response to a question about Scoot Scooty McScooter Libby. (Thanks Salon)

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Matthew said...

Firstly, what a randomly mixed post. Hassel the Hoff and a Republican debate?

Secondly, all of Baywatch was written, filmed, acted, edited, and is now watched by drunk people.

Thirldly, perhaps the only reason GWB* wasn't mentioned by name was that they all refer to him as "the decider" or the "commander guy" or "bushie."

*see, there I go not naming him who shall not be named