Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Black Velvet

So I've been reading a bunch of Wonkette lately, and if you're at all interested in politics then I highly recommend doing the same. The snarky hilarity cannot be matched. Anyway, they recently made mention of some rediculous velvet portraits of administration officials in a post that linked to an ebay store where such paintings are sold. I hopped on and was amazed by the other characters portrayed in this black velvet jungle of... awesomeness? You be the judge.

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Stamford Talk said...

I thought the Condi Rice one was funny ($ 250!) and the JonBenet Ramsey one creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

On another note, the word snarky. I cannot tolerate that word, and I suggest you reconsider your use of it.
:) I'm sort of kidding.
OK but sort of not. I know what it means but it's just so peppy and cute. I guess what it means is biting and sarcastic in a humorous way, right?
I don't read Wonkette but maybe I'll check her out.