Monday, April 14, 2008

Announcement: SOMETHING NEW

Red Handed, originally uploaded by Chambo25.

The Best Way To Have a Good Idea is about to turn 300... 300 posts, that is. I've had the blog up for a little over a year and a half (start was in August/September 06) and I feel like I've recently hit a bit of a stride in terms of posting content at least every few days... often multiple times a day. Still, I've had the feeling like it could be something more dynamic, more fun, even more random than what I alone can generate. For awhile now I've considered taking the step I'm about to describe so...

Today, in the 299th post ever, after a weekend marked by theft, running, driving, and omelets on-the-go, I want to mark the beginning of something special and NEW (and exciting) in the world of this blog!

That new thing is the introduction of the first two official non-John contributors to the blog. I'm pleased to officially add SenorChomp and Teknojo (you may know them by different names) to our contributing crew of randomness seekers, oddness posters, lovers of the strange, the unusual, the beautiful, the sublime. The exact nature of when, what, and how they'll be posting is still to be determined... but what I can say is this:

Other contributors are welcome. I've thought through some people to invite, but if you would like to be a part of the action. If you have ideas that could be part of the "lots," then drop me a line. You can start by commenting on this post, if you don't have other means to contact me and we can take it from there. This is a completely new idea, and may snowball into other bigger changes down the line... but for now, that's what I've got.

So, while I wanted to use this picture along side a post about someone being caught "red handed" I think it works in this regard:

I look into the future of The Best Way and I see more randomness, more voices, more interesting stuff and hopefully more readers, more fun, and a more dynamic conversation!

Here here! 300, here we come!


VeniceJazz aka DJ Copernicus, a founding member of Silent K and former co-host and master of the bait-and-switch at Live Sex on the Radio... will also join the team, occasionally contributing his random reflections, tidbits, and the hilarity he finds on the internets. He'll do this whenever, of course, he has free time, which is next-to-never, but that's cool.


Matthew said...

I don't know if Kristi will forgive us if start blogging all the time. Reading them may be too much as it is.

John said...

Yeah... you shouldn't start blogging all the time. I could see how Kristi would have a legitimate gripe with that phenomena... instead it can just be an outlet for existing random internet combing.

If it gets bad the blog will just have to officially shun you, that's all. Problem solved.