Monday, April 14, 2008

Celebrating 300 with a soundtrack!

Probably almost 20 years ago... long before I had a blog... long before I had a radio show (man I wish I still had one)... long before I was even 4 feet tall, my brother and I started an adventure by sitting on the edge of our beds and recording songs off the radio to create a mixtape.

The first of our mixtape adventures were titled Total Silliness and I think there was a follow-up, Total Silliness II. Someday I'll uncover these tapes somewhere in my mom's house. In the years that followed, I have created untold numbers of music mixes for friends. In college I had a show that basically created a weekly mixtape over the air on the campus radio station. Now, in celebration of The Best Way's 300th post, I bring you a mix, presented in a new format:

The website allows people to create mixes by uploading mp3s. Once they're up, anyone can listen to them (that means you!)... and if you like the music, you can hop over to and buy at least some of it on mp3 (or CD, if you like). The link above should take you to a page that looks like a tracklist... but if you click on any song it should start playing. As of when I'm posting, in my experience, muxtapes tend to play best on either a mac or on internet explorer, not on firefox. I hate to say that, as I love Firefox, and it's what I'm using to post right now... but it's true.

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