Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lou Dobbs is Satan

In case anyone was wondering, Lou Dobbs is possibly my least favourite person. Ever. Don Boudreaux made a good point about him the other day. I just saw it and liked it so much I needed to post a link. Like many Americans, I believe immigration is one of the most important issues facing our country. Unlike many of my compatriots, however, I believe we need much, much more of it. Check out the link (by clicking on the post title)!


Venice said...

Um, if you click on the title, it will send you to the page I'm talking about!

John said...

I love that the first comment I read under the post was, "Lou Dobbs came to speak in my town, taking a job away from a local xenophobic speaker."

Stamford Talk said...

For gracious golly Venice, why is the link in your post title? Just wondering.
For gracious golly Par 2, did you just spell that favOUrite? I like you already, because either you're foreign, or a really persnickety language person, and I like both of those things.

On topic: as I get older, I can't even muster the energy to care about idiots like Lou Dobbs. I think I've heard his voice shouting at me on the radio, but other than that, I only know the name, and from your post, he's saying the same anti-immigrant poppycock I hear so often recently.
(I got poppycock when I looked up a synonym for 'crap.')

I am glad you guys care, because like I've said, I'm getting all of my political news from you.

Manager Mom said...

Eh, Lou Dobbs. He can tell anyone whatever he wants and I don't think anybody listens, because they know he's just saying stuff to be controversial and get press.

But you know who really annoys me sometimes? Oprah. Her brand of inspirational "suggestions" are much more dangerous because they are couched in uplift. It really annoys me when she goes on about how to be a good parent, seeing as she has no children of her own.

Please don't flame me, Oprah lovers. :-)