Friday, April 25, 2008

Skywalkers Cross Han Solo

Now, looking at the title of this post, you might think that you could only ever see it on a blog. If that's what you're thinking... check this out. My buddy Adam recently mentioned, and then yesterday emailed me a story he was blown away by... wherein the headline, "Skywalkers (in Korea) cross Han Solo" makes sense in a real world context. Thus begins today's post, themed FRIDAY AWESOMENESS. For more random, joyful, distract you from the democrats bashing eachothers' heads in, ridiculous, goofy awesome, read on below!

Finally, we'll close out the awesome for now with the Superfun Video of the Week: I Was Told There'd Be Cake

The people who made it do such interesting stuff. You can check out another of their YouTube videos here.


Venice said...

If you gotta go, then floating out to sea, from Brazil, on a bunch of balloons... well that's as good as it's gonna get! I might make a living will, saying that if I ever lose it in my old age, I wanna follow in the footsteps of that brave priest. Hmm. I guess footsteps isn't the right word, but you get m y drift.

John said...

I do get your drift... an I think you've stumbled upon your living well wording:

"If I lose it in my old age, I'd like to follow the drift of that brave Brazilian priest..."

Venice said...

I would indeed like to make my living well wording!

So many possible meanings in that phrase! Was it a typo or lyrical geniusity or both?

Venice said...

I really should get back to my paper, but now that the wordplay's started, I can't resist thinking how the leader of that article could be turned into a poem:

Rescue workers were losing hope on Thursday

of finding a priest, who disappeared

off the southern coast of Brazil

after drifting out to sea

four days ago,

suspended from hundreds of helium-filled party balloons.