Monday, April 28, 2008

The Love That is Forgotten

Have you ever loved something truly, madly, deeply, and then completely forgotten about it?


Ok... maybe I'm all alone on this one, but I used to read the Best of Craigslist a few times a week. It was often good for a wee dose of hilarity in my day. Recently, not so much. I just completely dropped it from my internets routine. Today, however, in the midst of a project for work Craigslist came up... and a light bulb flicked on somewhere deep in the recesses of my consciousness. Memories of laughter in days-gone-by hit me like a wall of water and I pulled up a new window to revisit my long-lost love. What did I find?

Kissing Lessons (favorite line from this post, "Pick up the phone now! And then put it back down and send me an email for an awe inspiring experience!!"), a Cat Bus (amazing picture), and a hairpiece that inspires rage in animals.

Believe me, that's only the beginning. Ah, Best of Craigslist... I'm so happy you're back.

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Venice said...

The Cat Bus is my favourite. It comes from one of the great achievements of the twentieth century: Tonari no totoro. "My Nieghbour Totoro." Check out the movie today! I promise you won't be disappointed. Japanese anime at it's best!