Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is this Blog Obamaganda?

Damn right! Ok... well, seriously though, sometimes I think I'm too much of a one-man pro-Obama stomping ground, but when I come across something like the video below, I just can't resist (plus it's not a one-man show anymore around here anyway).

I found the clip in the collection of amazing videos over at The Jed Report today. It shows a fired-up 82 year old lady, Mrs. Weiss is her name, I think, at an Obama rally asking a question, then being asked to be Obama's VP. The video is followed by one other interesting thing sent my way by Adam, who recently sent me the great "Skywalkers Crossing Han Solo" story.

So on to the fascinating story Adam passed along, it's actually something that showed up a few days ago on the New York Times editorial pages. I enjoy it when people test out some of the narratives we see trotted around the Cable news punditry. In this case, the author takes the image of "The Guy Who’s Where He Is Only Because He’s Black" for a walk around the block to see what he looks like in the light of day. Ultimately, the piece is pretty enjoyable, thought provoking, and very readable. There are pieces of me that wishes the author had pushed the edges of this a bit further, but he certainly gives the reader enough to realize what a silly idea this is.

I post this because I think it's worth noting that in politics these sorts of caricatures, these easy simple 2-dimensional pictures play so large and so long. Just look at the whole Wright thing blowing up yet again this week. In that case, at least, it seems this week like Rev. Wright is trying to prove the boogey man is in fact 3-D, real, and is him... but that aside, I recommend the "Visible Man" story.

Check it out, let me know what you think. Once you're done reading, if you're feeling bogged down in some of the heavy issues this all brings up... go back and visit with Mrs. Weiss in the video clip again... she's a spark plug and sure to get you back to feeling a little encouraged.


Stamford Talk said...

I'm too tired to read the article tonight, but I just wanted to say, Obama, I love you. I really do. You are my type of person. I am totally fine with Obamaganda.

Venice said...

I think it's fair to say that with me around there is a little McCainoganda as well.
Since they will probably be running against each other, I think that's fair and balanced.

Stamford Talk said...

That's cool! And honestly, after George Bush, McCain seems like a dream too.
Oh good you think Obama will win against Hillary? Keep thinking those positive thoughts.

Matt said...
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Venice said...

I'd be pretty surprised if Obama doesn't get the nomination. It's not impossible for Hillary to make some sort of back-room deal, but it's getting harder all the time, at least in my opinion. That being said, nothing in this election has gone the way it' supposed to.

I agree that McCain would be a much better president than Bush. I don't usually vote for Republicans but for McCain I will make an exception. I think, though, that a McCain v. Obama election would be good for the country. Two honourable men with very different ideas about what they want to do (though perhaps not as different as they will both say!). Unfortunately, it will probably be ugly, but I'm hoping that it will still be better than most. Just imagine a Clinton/ Romney election! *shudder*

Stamford Talk said...

Here is a youtube video of an impressive talk by Michelle Obama!

It has got to be Obama this year. Bye bye, Hillary.

Anonymous said...

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