Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Monday Gallery of Randomness

Well, here are a handful of fun things to start off the week... also, I titled this a Monday post, but looking at the time it we have officially skidded into Tuesday. Oops!

Here's some fun for your April:

Go to Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle, and click on the text, then click again, then again... revel in the wonder of randomness. So fun, so random. This has got to be the most simple and fun website I've been sent in awhile (thanks Corinne!)

Fun thing about snipers, not only do they inspire cool movies, carry and occasionally use impressive weapons, and have important jobs like protecting oh... Presidents and the like. They also get to poop on rooftops.

Finally, this is less fun, unless you put it in the category of fun and inspiring things that make you consider what's possible. Turns out, if you're voting in Italy's upcoming senate campaigns you can choose from 14 political parties. Now, if you ever feel like 2 isn't quite enough... you know, we could do things differently. Check it out. One thing I like about the post I just linked to is that it talks about some ways that choice doesn't fix everything. Food for thought.

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