Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heading West to (Oregon and) Kentucky

Today is yet another chance for the Democrats to run head-long into one another, give some speeches and call it a day. Still, with the rally of 75,000 in Portland this weekend and the continued flood of Super Delegates to Obama, the air of inevitability seems to have shifted to a comfortable sense of acceptance. The Democrats have a nominee, and they have one last candidate who isn't ready to call it quits. That's fine. The Onion's got a great little piece on a possible new tactic for Hillary.

Continuing some of the way-back machine action from the past few posts, above is a clip from an interview between Daniel Day-Lewis and Bryant Gumbel circa 1992. The Last of the Mohicans had just come out, and the clip shows one of my favorite bits of dialog, when Day-Lewis's character talks about how he'll get to Kentucky.

ok... I can't have Bryant Gumbel in a post without some reference to, "white people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcom X." It had to be done.

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Matt said...

Look at that bandanna necklace! He was so busy working in his workshop before the interview that he just had time to dust off the wood chips but forgot his sweat rag!